“To See Again”

This meaning of revision led me to the “Retellings” program: to tell the same story twice or to see the same film again. In Jean Eustache’s 1977  Une sale histoire or “dirty story” we see a story being told, first by an actor (fiction) and again by the person whose story it is (documentary); moreover it is a story about seeing (re:vision), about voyeurism, peeping through one hole into another. Because film programmers are by nature great purveyors of voyeurism, I highly recommend this film. To accompany this guilty pleasure, I thought I would treat you to a classic though rarely screened experimental film from Canada, Kirk Tougas’ 1973 The Politics of Perception, in which an advertisement for a Hollywood blockbuster is seen and reseen, as copies of copies strip the image of its manipulative power and reduce it to texture and material.