The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate (Das Golden Tor)

Jürgen Reble, Germany, 1992, 16mm, 52’


Jürgen Reble’s film works are marked by layers of residue, shifting abstract surfaces, chemical traces, scratches and blotches, as though a virus has infected the image, distorting its tone and color, imbuing it with unusual textures and a strange aura. In these films destructive processes are the creative aesthetic agent. […] A form of myopic mythopoeia, The Golden Gate confounds readings of interpretive meaning, however layered or subjective they could be. It is a self-contained metaphor, a self-actualising event through the experience of its passage. […] As it progresses its atmosphere becomes more intense, it is slower, it is hazily less distinct.(Steven Ball, RE:VOIR booklet)

The basic idea is that it is impossible to fix film. Film is something which is always in a state of flux… The images, “real” in the beginning, gradually disintegrate and the gelatine layer, where the chemicals are embedded, dissolves. All that’s left in the end is the “raging of the elements.” 

(Jürgen Reble)

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