The Eye’s Dream

The Eye’s Dream
Hisayasu Sato, Japan, 2016
DCP, 102’

A collaboration between the legendary pink film auteur Hisayasu Sato and Sensory Ethnography Lab filmmaker/anthropologists Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel, The Eye’s Dream is a visceral and haunting tale of seeing and possession, a webcam transmission of Bataille hidden away in an otaku’s closet.

Eyeballs roam the streets
A gaze searching for prey
A gaze probing women’s flesh, creeps to the eyes
Pupils, wide open in fear
only a millimeter from knifepoint
Somewhere at a street corner, eyeballs are gouged out
Eyeballs in a jar of fluid
Hunting eyeballs

The blurred boundary between reality, fantasy and delusion. Uncertain viewpoints. The film invites you to a nightmare to see, to be seen and to be raped by a gaze.

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