Symptom + S.O.S Extraterrestria

Angelos Frantzis, Greece, 2015
DCP, 87’

A peculiar creature appears on a remote, rainy island, wearing a leather jacket and staring with eyes that glow in the darkness. Whoever encounters it loses their mind. The island’s residents seek help from the only person who seems to possess the strength to confront the creature: a young girl.

Director Angelos Frantzis and lead actor Katia Goulioni will attend the screening in person, and lead a Q&A.

S.O.S. Extraterrestria
Mara Mattuschka, Austria/Germany, 1994
16mm, 10’

“A visit from outer space. The short-sighted giantess Extra Terrestria goes on a devastating sightseeing-tour around the world.” -M.M.

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