One-Off: Outsiders in American Cinema

For our 2015 edition, SIFF proposes the series ONE-OFF: a selection of American films by directors who only made one film in their career. There are various reasons why these filmmakers could only complete one film—some were limited financially, some were deemed as too inaccessible, and some just didn’t have the desire to make another movie. This is a novel curation of American film, with movies made both inside and outside of the mainstream, debuts from directors who were already established in Hollywood (critics, actors, production designers), and others who were trying to break into the industry. The aim of this program is to show another face of American cinema; while not exactly “independent”, the conversations, questions and faces seen in this program are familiar, and indeed, quintessentially American. However, these films often veer outside of their prescribed genre and role within American cinema, and tend to push the boundaries that career filmmakers perhaps can’t afford to transgress.