Nusquam Productions

SIFF is happy to have Nusquam Productions’ (Mariangela Ciccarello and Philip Cartelli) help in “Cracking Up.” With generous support from the US Embassy in Athens, they have been invited to participate in two programs: a carte blanche (Future Imperfect) and a presentation of their work (Ad Aspera, Ad Nusquam). As creators, their works explore the layers of history, ideology, and migration, specifically in the Mediterranean area. Their contributions to the program add sensitivity to a shifting world, drawing attention to the discrepancy between how it is and how we wished it would become.

Nusquam Productions is Philip Cartelli and Mariangela Ciccarello, who have been working together as individual and collective entities since 2013. Nusquam (Latin for “no place”) Productions’ work aims to contest conventional temporal and geographic perspectives, including in the Mediterranean area, through a variety of artistic forms (video, film, sculpture, installation), privileging collabora- tive encounters in the form of workshops, public presentations, and educational activities. Their short film Lampedusa (world premiere, Festival del Film Locarno 2015) was awarded the Wild Dreamer Award at the 2016 Subversive Film Festival, and they have recently participated in a collaborative residency and exhibition in Malta. Nusquam Productions is based between New York City and Naples, Italy.

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