Nineteen + The Colors of Iris


Angelos Frantzis, Greece, 1995, 16mm, 15’


“The memories of someone who is afraid to turn twenty years old.” 

The Colors of Iris

Nikos Panayotopoulos, Greece, 1974, Video, 117’


Τhe film’s topic is a “finding”: A film crew shoots a commercial on a beach. All of a sudden, a random guy holding an umbrella enters the frame. He’s kicked out. He walks in the sea water and disappears in the horizon. Totally crushed and ready to accept everything, all witnesses seem to forget the incident as time goes by. All except for one – the musician. […] In a reenactment, he will be the one holding an umbrella and disappearing into the sea, just like the stranger. Was it in search of truth? Possibly… A reckoning set by a film phenomena aficionado, ready to confront his object of devotion: [Panayotopoulos] weighs and measures, tests its boundaries with real life, plays in the meantime with the almost limitless capacities of plastic reconstruction it offers. […] He dreams with his hero and without him, he mocks cinema through life and plays with life through cinema. (Kostas Stamatiou, Ta Nea, 1974)

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