Mike Cooper + Vicky Bisbiki (Medea Electronique)


A mainstay of the past four editions of SIFF, Mike Cooper has been a constant source of creative energy. Performing in the majority (!) of SIFFs, Cooper has performed scores to all kinds of cinema, from lost early films of Greece to images from the NASA archives. This year, he will partner with Vicky Bisbiki from the artist collective Medea Electronique, who in turn will “digest” Mike’s performance, through a digital intervention that will turn Cooper’s performance, the audience, and the setting itself into a new, synthesized film-work. In effect, Bisbiki visuals will “score” Cooper’s sound; a live-camera feed will turn Cooper’s performance and context into images, establishing a direct connection between the music and the visual synthesis. The walls of the quarry become the set, Cooper the actor, and Bismpiki’s visuals a new cinematic realm – all live, in front of (and in use of!) the audience. 


Vicky Bisbiki is an artist who combines new technologies and programming languages to describe and explore the contemporary perception of the world, and our role within it, through the potentials of audiovisual interactive artworks. She has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Audio Visual Arts of Ionian University and a Master’s degree in Art and Technology of the Image at the University of Paris VIII and Fine Arts of Athens. She has presented her work and participated in collaborative projects in several productions, festivals, cultural research and conferences such as Onassis Cultural Center, the European Projects EASTN, NEON & Marina Abramovic Institute presented at Benaki Museum, and more.

For the last 50 years, British folk-experimental legend Mike Cooper has composed and performed at festivals, cinemas, and venues around the world. Initially a folk-blues guitarist and singer-songwriter, his work has diversified to include improvised and electronic music, live music for silent films, radio art, and sound installations. He is also a music journalist, writing features for magazines, particularly on Pacific music and musicians, a visual artist, film and video maker, a collector of Hawaiian shirts and has created more than 60 records to date. He has established his own genre of music – Electronic, Exotica – a 21st-century version of visionary 50’s Exotica, combining lap steel guitar, field recordings, and other novel electro-acoustic sounds.

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