Here, Now

Three 2014-2015 Greek documentaries give view to both faraway places and local areas, bringing the two together.



A Family Affair
2015 (Greece), 87’, DCP
Directed by Angeliki Aristomenopoulou

The Xylouris family is Greece’s most famous musical clan. Three generations of musicians uphold and pass on the vibrant tradition of Cretan music, performing ceaselessly to followers across the world, from a very young age. From 80 year old Psarantonis, credited with reinventing Cretan music, to his son Psarogiorgis and teenage grandchildren growing up in Australia, A Family Affair discovers the electrifying power of their music and the sacred ties that hold the family together.



Exotica Erotica Etc.
2015 (France/Greece), 73’, DCP
Directed by Evangelia Kranioti

A documentary conceived as an endless journey, an ongoing dialogue between man and woman, nature and the world. The film’s non-linear narrative embraces the rhythm of merchant ships in perpetual motion and unfolds like a landscape, an archipelago: a retired woman of the night reflects on encounters with past lovers long gone, perhaps lost at sea. We listen to her as she longs for one to return and fulfill the final romantic chapter of her life. The voice of an old captain coming from faraway – the solitude of the ocean or the hotel room of an unknown port – becomes an echo to her monologue. Both characters are real and their personal narratives, kept intact, eventually weave a dense discussion on longing, memory and loss.



Faust’s Workshop
2015 (Greece), 87’, DCP
Directed by Ilias Giannakakis

In fall 2013, playwright Michail Marmarinos decides to direct Goethe’s Faust. The cam- era follows him from the first rehearsals until the premiere of the play in January 2014 at the Onassis Cultural Centre. Through many difficult scenes and a huge amount of recorded material, the film attempts to document a unique theatrical situation but also to capture – even if fleetingly – the approach of such a unique figure in theater.