Future Imperfect

“In verbal terms, the imperfect occurs in the past tense, indicating an action that is not yet perfect because it has not been achieved. The future, on the other hand, is a tense of incertitude, but also of projections that hope to be perfect. Imperfection refers both to ethical qualities and verbal tenses. The future imperfect thus allows an unresolved dimension to emerge, where action is perceptible but the final outcome remains unknown. Pushing the limits of temporal depictions, it blends past and present with a yet-to-be-conjugated perception of the future. Imperfection can lend itself to idealistic as well as critical perspectives. In curating this carte blanche, we have assembled works that engage with the possibilities of cinematic temporality, which in turn drive much of our own recent work and discussions.”

— Nusquam Productions

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