Frantic Frames: Animation with Martha Colburn

Martha Colburn is an American artist and animator featured in the Artists in Focus section of the program. For one day of the festival, Colburn offers a workshop in animation, guiding participants to create a collective “Syros Film” in the very same way as she creates her own works. The workshop is open to all ages, young and adult!

Led by Colburn, this workshop begins with a discussion – and if time allows, a screening – of different films demonstrating various stop-motion techniques. These include charcoal drawing, claymation, collage animation, and painted animation, by such makers as Stan Van Der Beek, Bruce Bickford, and other contemporary animators. In addition to these, Colburn shows excerpts of her films and draws from details in them to explain techniques.

Participants are asked to bring some small collaged, painted, drawn or cut-out materials or found objects that they wish to animate, centering around the theme of “Cracking Up Syros.” Magazines or art supplies can also be brought for creating collages during the workshop itself.

In the final phase of the workshop, several examples of direct “under-the-camera” special effects are presented: these include the use of lenses, gels, lighting tricks, and creating layers using acetate. Each participant films footage 5-10 seconds in length, after which all films are combined through jump cuts. The research process, formation of ideas, planning (using sketches or scripts) and execution of ideas are emphasized and discussed as important aspects to the art of animating.

The workshop is free and is open to all ages. It will be held Sunday, July 16, 13:00 – 17:00, in the Hermoupoulis Roidis Room.

The final product will be screened during the festival.

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