Forevermore: Biography of a Leech Lord

Forevermore: Biography of a Leach Lord

Erik Saks, USA, 1989, Video, 83’


At once novelistic and poetic, this achronological collage of diary entries between the 1940s and 1990s by a fictional toxic-waste dumper named Isaac Hudak – the different stages of his life are played by three actors, including Saks – creates a haunting portrait of an alienated drifter’s existence. Behind the dry recitation of ecological facts in the narration, there is a powerful overall sense of the poetics of waste (a register that recalls Thomas Pynchon), with writers as diverse as E.M. Cioran and Peter Handke used to flesh out some of the diary entries. Highly original in its form, its subject, its funereal tone, and its ghostly sensibility, this is a remarkable and memorable first feature, full of haunting ideas and eerie after effects. (Jonathan Rosenbaum)

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