Cracked Cartoons

A teen girl acts seductively towards a man and attempts to distract him with a kiss.
A tiger rips off part of a man’s pants.
A man touches a teen girl in a seductive manner.
A man turns into a huge snake and begins squeezing another man.
When he is doing an impersonation of a French person, he has a cigarette in his mouth.
When she turns into a human to seduce him in one shot she rubs one of her breasts against his arm while cuddling him.
The prince nearly drowns.
The shipwreck sequence can be frightening.
He rips his shirt open to reveal his hairy chest.
A character falls to his death. We don’t see his body hit the ground.
The animals appear to be not wearing any garments, which can influence children.
‘Fart’ is almost said.

(From the IMDB Parents’ Guide to several classic Disney films)

Cracked Cartoons is an unorthodox selection of children’s films, assembled to make young people feel like world-weary rogues and old folks to feel like scared toddlers. Animation has long been the safe-haven of the censored, the perverted, the political or the too-wildly imaginative – smuggling out as child’s fare things would be permitted nowhere else. Drawing on the wild, incoherent, and baffling nature of reality, these subversive films will break apart the grown-up in you.

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