Coastal Shorts

These 2014-15 films have been produced in the Mediterranean region, giving a kaleidoscopic perspective on a singular place. Sea. Judged by SIFF’s three-person jury, the winner of this competition is awarded the white marble Saita.



The Figures Carved into the Knife by the Sap of the Banana Trees
2014 (Portugal), 16’, HD File
Directed by Joana Pimenta
The rapid turning of a light draws in a circle. In the space bound by its line unravels an archive of postcards sent between the island of Madeira and the former Portuguese colony of Mozambique. The film circulates between a fictional colonial memory and a science fiction.



White Sheet
2014 (Greece), 14’, HD File
Directed by Sonia Liza Kenterman
August. Blistering heat. Cars speed up as they pass by the solitude of small towns.
A sole presence in this deserted landscape a woman who spends her time on the highway. She has no destination other than her past.



War Prayer
2015 (Cyprus/USA), 17’, HD File Directed by Richard Wiebe
There are icons in Cyprus that are centuries old. They bloom like flowers in houses, churches, monasteries and markets. Today the island remains divided with abandoned spaces on both sides of the Green Line.
For decades every US administration has exploited this partition, using military bases on the island to conduct surveillance in the Middle East. An icon is a prayer, a window to heaven, to a listening ear.



the principle of synergy
2014 (Greece), 14’, HD File
Directed by Konstantinos Stathis, Vasileia Koutsiana, Eleni Golfinopoulou
Three young filmmakers go on a journey into the urban landscape and the province of Greece, trying to apply an own method about filming and editing. They simulta- neously film, in the same locations, using three different cameras, and then process the material together. Until the end of the post-production every idea was discussed and executed by three people.



2015 (Israel), 12’, HD File
Directed by Amitai Arnon, Ester Bites
The film was shot over 12 years. It docu- mented two siblings at Purim festivities (Jewish holiday), dressed up as different characters and embodying various roles. Their adolescence and identity play is designated by the immediate surround- ings of their life, according to the national and religious timetable and the growing children’s life cycle during the film.