Cinedoc Kids

The Athens International Children’s and Youth Film Festival CineDoc Kids was created in 2017 and is run by Anemon Productions. The Festival’s selection of documentary and fiction films depicts life through the eyes of children and adolescents from different corners of the earth, composing a mosaic of stories that can inspire young audiences by helping them feel part of a larger world. The children actively participate in the presentation and evaluation of the films and vote for the best film of the Festival. The screenings are accompanied by discussions, experiential workshops, and parallel actions that offer them the opportunity to come closer to the art of cinema. 

SIFF invites CineDoc Kids to present a selection of films screened on the final day of the festival. The program includes three recent films from various corners of the world that describe the collective world of childhood: how children see and deal with the world, and how this world is different from that of grown-ups. 

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