Chris and Demetra: Live Scoring Event

2015 marks an inaugural effort in live-scoring a film, pairing a film selected from in-production projects supported by the Greek Film Center with Syros-based composer Nikos Kypourgos.


The film, Christos and Demetra, is directed by Dimitris Nakos and co-written by Nakos and Amerissa Basta. It tells the story of a young boy and girl living in the town of Kimi, where a traveling theatrical troupe puts on a performance of Romeo and Juliet. A lyrical fairytale, it shifts between childhood memory and drama played out on the adult stage.


Music plays a central part in the narrative and sets the film’s rhythm. Extracts of the score, composed by Nikos Kypourgos and members of the Cycladic Orchestra, are performed live by the orchestra as scenes from the film appear on screen. The result shows the interface of image and sound at work: the orchestra works on the timing and emphasis of the score in certain scenes, demonstrating the essential role of the film-score in driving and creating narrative. The score will later be mastered and mixed, and delivered to the director for use in the final film.