Carte Blanche to Pip Chodorov

PIP CHODOROV was born in 1965 to a writer and a painter and raised on a farm, where, in 1971, he started making films and music. After studying cognitive science at the University of Rochester, where he founded a filmmaking club, Pip moved to Paris to study film semiotics, and in 1990 joined Light Cone experimental filmmakers cooperative. He founded Re:Voir Video Editions in 1994, founded the Frameworks experimental film mailing list in 1995, co-founded L’Abominable artist-run film lab in 1996, and created The Film Gallery in 2005, all of which are active in supporting experimental film to this day. In 2011 Pip released the feature documentary Free Radicals, and since 2013 has taught filmmaking at Dongguk University in Seoul, South Korea. An inveterate champion of experimental film, Pip is known around the world for his knowledge and tireless support of the form.

“Revision” for me has several meanings that I tried to examine in my programming. I therefore prepared three programs, with films from the mid-70s, the mid-90s and the mid-10s, in an effort to interpret that word “Revision.”