“About Seeing”

I was impressed with some of the short films I saw recently from China, Japan and Korea. I therefore conspired to concoct a program from these films in which the personal vision, the view from the camera, or some aspect of their construction applied to this theme. The Japanese animation by Mika Seike and Rieko Ouchi are intensely introspective and use looping, repetition, variation and experimental techniques to portray a vision of the world as seen behind the eyes, somewhere between the retina and the brain where we don’t yet understand what we are seeing. The Korean films by Chanion Kim, Sejun Huh and Forest Ian Estler are metaphors for cinema; their construction make us aware of our position as viewers seeing an alternative reality, when that reality suddenly breaks down. Sandy Ding’s Dream Enclosure, handmade in China, translates into film the flickering synapses of our optic nerve, whether our eyes are open are shut.