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In response to the extended situation provoked by the ongoing global pandemic, the SIFF team approaches this ninth edition of the Festival as the culmination of its activities over a two-year period, examining the continuing theme of “Off Season.”

The 8th edition of the Festival began in July of 2020, followed by a series of physical events in both Syros and Athens; film programs were presented online and on television, while focused projects and workshops were held both in-person and online, in addition to the main Festival event that took place in September 2020. We considered the unprecedented circumstances an opportunity to experiment with the usual structure of a seasonal festival, extending its activities throughout the rest of the year in various forms, seeking to engage the widest possible community of viewers and participants, despite rapidly changing conditions of limited mobility.

The theme of “Off Season” is especially relevant to the current situation in which tourism, travel, and by extension, the social, cultural, and economic activities linked with these experiences, have been unsettled on a global scale.

This theme was chosen in 2019 as the focus of the 8th Festival edition with the aim of producing a program that creatively examined contemporary aspects and meanings of tourism and its relationship with the moving image.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, SIFF decided to explore the limits of this theme through a different lens, recognizing not only its relevance to this historic moment (and the drastic revision of our notions of a touristic “season”) but also the possibility of organizing a festival beyond the bounds of its established summer dates, and exploring topics and conditions of a general “Off Season,” not limited to the touristic experience, but related to a broader understanding of what it means to move and interact.

For the 9th edition of SIFF, held from July 22–26, 2021, the chosen theme of “Off Season” finishes this exploratory cycle, proposing an alternative view on this era of crisis: the films in this program zoom in on different notions of the passage of time: the different “speeds” at which humanity operates (speeds determined exclusively by geography and culture); forced movement and compulsory immobility in the era of global mobility; the management of personal and “free” time as a fundamental human right.

Thus, the 9th edition of SIFF seeks to expand its scope with a program that, extending through time itself, successively revises our established perceptions of place, commissioning new artistic and filmic works from near and far, in circumstances determined both by the specific, unique landscape of Syros, and by collaborations that collapse geographic boundaries between people and groups located on far-flung places across Greece and the globe.

As we gather together again this summer, collective viewing becomes even more important as a generative space, encouraging us to continue making links with each other and the places we find ourselves in.

––– The SIFF team

Off Season 2021 Campain in the Making [Design by Studio Precarity]
Off Season 2021 Campain in the Making [Design by Studio Precarity]

Festival Venues

27 Chiou St., Hermoupolis
Located at the southwest corner of Chiou street, on Miaouli Square in central Hermoupolis.

Martin Nordeström St., Hermoupolis
Located at the interior corner of Martin Nordeström street, behind the Apollon Theater in central Hermoupolis.

Iroon Politechniou St., Hermoupolis
A 20-minute walk from Miaouli Square, following the port road southward (Akti Ethnikis Antistaseos, which bends right then left to become Nikiforou Mandilara). From the roundabout, continue south on Iroon Politechniou until you pass the Vidalis supermarket. Tarsanas will be on your left, easily identifiable by the boats in the shipyard.

Iras Ave., Posidonia
A 20-minute drive from Hermoupolis, heading south along the port and out of town. From the roundabout, take the southward road (Iroon Politechniou). Continuing south, this road may alternatively be called Iras or Eparchiaki Odos Kato Manna – Megas Gialos. This one road will take you past the towns of Vari and Megas Gialos, and on towards Posidonia. No turns necessary. As you near Posidonia, the Drive-In will be in a field to your left, visible from the road.

Iroon Politechniou St., Hermoupolis
A 25-minute walk from Miaouli Square, following the port road southward (Akti Ethnikis Antistaseos, which bends right then left to become Nikiforou Mandilara). From the roundabout, continue south on Iroon Politechniou until you pass the Tarsanas Shipyard. Take a left turn at 72, Iroon Politechniou street; the Dimitrios Vikelas Municipal Pool is located past the parking lot, accessible through the Dimitrios Vikelas Municipal Sports Complex.

Vardaka Sq., Hermoupolis
A short walk up Melina Merkouri street, 50 meters up the road from Miaouli Square in central Hermoupolis.

1 Agiou Nikolaou St., Hermoupolis
A short walk up Melina Merkouri street, 100 meters up the road from Miaouli Square in central Hermoupolis.

Iroon Politechniou St., Hermoupolis
A 25-minute walk from Miaouli Square, following the port road southward (Akti Ethnikis Antistaseos, which bends right then left to become Nikiforou Mandilara). From the roundabout, continue south on Iroon Politechniou until you pass the Vidalis supermarket. The Tannery will be on your right, approximately 250 meters after the Tarsanas Shipyard.

Public Discussions:
2 Apollonos St., Hermoupolis
Hotel Ploes is located at the beginning of Apollonos street, in the Vaporia neighborhood in central Hermoupolis. The terrace is accessible through the side entrance to the left of the main entrance.

Photo by Myrto Tzima
Photo by Myrto Tzima

Important Information

The Syros International Film Festival fully complies with the guidelines and recommendations of the Covid-19 Committee of Experts of the Greek Ministry of Health for the safe operation of live events and open-air performances with seated spectators.

Audience members are kindly requested to follow the guidelines closely. The Festival team is at the audience’s disposal for further assistance during the events.

Each SIFF 2021 location has limited capacity of visitors. All entry is on a first come, first served basis.

Hand sanitisers are available at the entrance of each location.

Wearing a face mask is suggested throughout the open-air screenings and performances.

SIFF’s Alternate Paths workshop is limited to 10 (ten) people. Online registration is compulsory for the workshop.

The distance of 1.5 metres must be respected between each visitor.

For reasons of safety and to avoid delays in the program, timely arrival at the Festival venues (approx. 30 minutes before each screening) is strongly recommended.


The program may be modified due to exceptional developments in the health sector. Please follow SIFF’s Facebook page for the latest developments.

Photo by Myrto Tzima
Photo by Myrto Tzima

Opening access to arts and cultural heritage has constituted a fundamental engagement of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation’s (SNF) philanthropic work in Greece and beyond, since its establishment in 1996. Our partnership with the Syros International Film Festival dates back to 2014 when a team of young people, fueled by enthusiasm and their passion for ‘the movies’ joined efforts in order to realize their dream to provide singular cinematic experiences in a unique island setting.

Today, seven years later, the Festival has grown into its own, becoming an annual institution for the inhabitants and visitors of Syros island, yet managing to steadily remain a vehicle for the creation of opportunities for young people who enjoy the experience of participating in such a vibrant initiative, which they further develop and enrich. As we continue to navigate the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for such initiatives that offer creative outlets, particularly for young people, as well as opportunities for dialogue, exchange, and collaboration in the public realm are in fact more pronounced than ever.

We look forward to the original cinematic narratives, the specialized workshops for youth groups and the combination of the big screen with other forms of creative production which are distinctive of SIFF. SNF is proud to be the exclusive supporter of the Syros International Film Festival in this final year of our support, and we wish SIFF success on its journey ahead.

––– Katerina Triantafyllou
Stavros Niarchos Foundation

Photo by Myrto Tzima
Photo by Myrto Tzima

“It is a great pleasure and honor for the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication (EKOME) to be amongst the organizations supporting the Syros International Film Festival as of this year.

Since its inception, the festival has produced an array of activities, workshops, special screenings and unique audiovisual presentations, highlighting the magical qualities of the cinematic image in a variety of ways to its audience, with increasingly far-reaching and encouraging reception.

Our partnership with the Festival affirms our joint understanding of cinema as authentic artistic expression; the medium itself holds a central position in the development strategy for the audiovisual sector as promoted by EKOME, through its investment incentives and the development of its network of Film Offices throughout Greece. It is also a means of preserving historical memory and audiovisual heritage, as addressed by operation of the National Repository of Audiovisual Archives implemented by EKOME, and an educational tool that promotes knowledge, as defined by EKOME’s educational strategy.

Through the manner in which it addresses the cinematic image, the 9th Syros International Film Festival constitutes an important cultural institution amidst the cultural activities on a Cycladic and national scale. We plan on setting out on more journeys together in the future, alongside the innovative routes the festival traces each year.”

––– Panos Kouanis
EKOME President and CEO 

Photo by Myrto Tzima
Photo by Myrto Tzima

“For the 9th consecutive year, the Syros-Hermoupolis Municipality welcomes the renowned Syros International Film Festival (SIFF) with great pleasure. 

This festival, which has chosen our island, was met with welcoming arms; as it has developed, it carves a unique, successful path through the wonderful world of films. Undoubtedly, this success is due to the love, passion, inspiration and tireless work of the organizers.

Especially in this period of difficult times, due to the special conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Festival team released new forces and ideas. Its continually upward course affirms the high level of artistic, educational and entertainment activities it produces, which enable spectators and participants alike to activate their creative forces.

This year, exceedingly true to its word and annual appointment, it continues the investigation of its “Off Season” theme, presenting a wide array of short and feature films in its program. 

We continue with joy and pride to support the Festival, and look forward to traveling through the magical world of cinema again this year. Good luck to our beloved SIFF!”

––– Aliki Leontariti
Deputy Mayor of Culture, Syros-Hermoupolis

Photo by Myrto Tzima
Photo by Myrto Tzima

SIFF 2021 Festival Staff



Program Cassandra Celestin, Aaron Khandros, Geli Mademli, Jacob Moe General Production Coordinator Eleanna Papathanasiadi Head of Communications Natalie Tsirigoti Social Media Coordinator Katerina P. Trichia Print Traffic Coordinator Manolis Melissourgos Projectionist Christos Giampoulakis Technical Coordinator Vagelis Moschos Local Production and Volunteers Coordinator Rafaela Karagianni Local Production Runner Arion Kalogeras Installation Coordinator Maria Palaiologou Launching Ceremony Project Assistant Ioannis Andronikidis Peripheral Vision Workshop Assistant Mikaela Popović Alternate Paths Workshop Coordinator Justine Arvanitis Early Frames Youth Workshops Coordinator Zina Lefkou
Off Season 2021 Campaign Design Studio Precarity – A Joint Gesture by Vassiliki-Maria Plavou and Marios Stamatis Publications Editor Geli Mademli Translations Kostas Konstantinou, Geli Mademli, Jacob Moe Festival Trailer (Off Season 2021) Apostolos Zarris Photographers Alexandros Petrakis, Myrto Tzima Hospitality Coordinator Marylina Freri Hospitality Assistant Nikie Kavouridis
Legal Advisor Stavros Koutalas Development and Fundraising Consultant Argiro Mesimeri

Intern Christina Chatzokou Volunteers Antonia Chalavazi, Vanda Constantinidi, Chrysanthos Dalezios, Sofia Karydi, Lia Keramari, Antonis Nasios, Sofia Noti, Sofia Panagiotopoulou, Io Papadatou, Aikaterini Papageorgaki, Aphrodite Sarantea, Angeliki Vidou, Catherine Vroon



Audiovisual Support Nikos Kontizas, Dimitris Kontizas, Technical Support Accelere, Two Thirty Five (2|35) Subtitling Neaniko Plano, Accounting Services FK Consulting  SIFF Visual Identity MNP Website Design MNP Website Development Tool Website Support Konstantinos Papasteriadis

Photo by Myrto Tzima
Photo by Myrto Tzima



Genie Adrianopoulos, Gina Marcou, Kurt Schwarz



Tasos Adamopoulos, Kyriakos Angelakos, Iris Asimakopoulou, Sakis Bouzanis, Aris Christou, Irini Drakou, Katerina Georgiou, Stelios Kimionis, Maria Komninou, Georgios Kritsinis, Elina Kountouri, Panayiotis Konstantinidis, Giannis Kotsonis, Panos Kouanis, Panayiotis Koutsabasis, Théo Koutsaftis, Nikos Leivadaras, Aliki Leontaritis, Giorgos Leontaritis, Kostas Lorenzos, Polina Mouratidou, Nikos Moutselos, Dionysis Notarakis, Pantelis Panteloglou, Phaedra Papadopoulou, Panos Papoulias, Hara Pelekanou, Stefanie Peter, Angeliki Psilopoulou, Teo Romvos, Dimitris Spirou, Grigoris Stavropoulos, Danae Stefanou, Petros Stefanou, Peggy Stergiou, Maria Tavlariou, Katerina Triantafyllou, Tonia Tzortzi, Stelios Vassilakis, Markos Voutsinos, Fay Zika, Maria Zoidou


Thanks to all of SIFF’s local partners, and to the filmmakers and other individuals who contributed their thoughts and reflections towards this year’s theme.

Photo by Myrto Tzima
Photo by Myrto Tzima

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