Campaign Design by Studio Precarity
Campaign Design by Studio Precarity

26 July 2021, 21:00

Pallas Outdoor Cinema, Hermoupolis

Produced as part of the “Young Programmers” workshop (June–July 2021), this screening is programmed, designed, and presented by youth participants from Syros.

The participants work in a team and are called to watch youth films that resonate with the main theme of each festival edition, to research and gather information on the ways in which these were created, read the director’s thoughts and discover links with other films and other arts – and, mostly, to think creatively. Guided by the main tutor, a film educator, they analyze and discuss films, gathering stimuli and deciphering visual and narrative references. They later delve into the organization promotion and communication of the screening, preparing the entire event.

This year, the selection was made from a variety of films whose makers responded to an open call. The workshop is produced by SIFF in collaboration with the Municipal Library of Syros – Hermoupolis, with the Municipal Councilor of Education and Library Irini Drakou as an Attendee.


The films of the program

Τhe Oblivion of Books, Cinemathesis film workshop, 2020, 8΄20΄΄, fiction
Sevarambes, George Kontos, 2020, 11΄, animation
Still Life, Iordanis Theodosiadis, 2018, 5΄, fantasy
Long-Distance Friendships, 6th grade of Poseidonia municipal school, 2021, 12΄13΄΄, fiction
Jasmine, Violeta Kyriakou, 2020, 6΄37΄΄, fiction
Secret Gardens, Niki Velissaropoulou, 2014, 14΄, fiction
Heatwave, Fokion Xenos,  2019, 7΄1΄΄, animation
Dive, Thimios Bakatakis, 2020, 4΄24΄΄, ecological
Sister of the Wind, Patrick Jenkins, 2017, 7΄, animation


Optical Toy: Phenakistoscope Disc [Public Domain
Optical Toy: Phenakistoscope Disc [Public Domain

The workshop “Young Programmers,” held for the second time within the framework of the Syros International Film Festival, is an educational media literacy activity, which aims to expand the young audience of SIFF. This action will bring together on the island a group of young people who will work collaboratively, analyzing films, building bridges between cinema and the other arts, promoting creative thinking, and finally presenting their own, unique program.

This screening of short films was designed and organized by youth participants within the context of the “Young Programmers” workshop, with the direction of workshop coordinator Zina Lefkou and educator Litsa Pappa. Films were selected through an open call available to professional filmmakers as well as amateur and student groups.

The young participants of the workshop have watched all the films that were submitted to an open call: fiction, documentaries, essays, video performance / video dance pieces and video art – all films related to the “Off Season” theme of the Festival and engaging young audiences. The call was addressed not only to professional filmmakers, but also to students and groups of children and young people who are involved in the creation of audiovisual works. This year’s chosen theme suggests an alternative view in times of crisis, therefore in extension the workshop will focus on different perceptions of time, the different “speeds” at which humanity operates, forced movement and stasis, and personal or “free” time management as a fundamental human right.

George Kontos, Sevarambes
George Kontos, Sevarambes

Workshop Participants

Alkinoos Tsiompanis Kontellis, Odysseas Parissis, Chrysanthi Tsarouha, Yorgos Paslis Konitopoulos, Marios Chrisovalantis Efthymiou, Antonios Nektarios Vlahoyannis, Sofia Manolaki

Fokion Xenos, Heatwave
Fokion Xenos, Heatwave

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