Saturday, July 29, 2023


Forensis: The Pylos Shipwreck
On 14 June 2023, the Adriana, a boat leaving Libya for Italy with hundreds of migrants on board, sank inside the Greek Search and Rescue (SAR) zone in the Mediterranean Sea, becoming the deadliest migrant shipwreck in recent history. The ongoing investigation by Forensis is presented, highlighting the lethal nature of modern border regimes and the stakes of passage through the Aegean sea.
Presented by Georgia Skartadou


Courtesy of Forensis
Courtesy of Forensis

Georgia Skartadou works as a Researcher at Forensis -sister agency of Forensic Architecture. She holds a diploma degree in Architecture from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a master’s degree in Digital Arts from the Ionian University. Her research focuses on affordances and limitations of new media technologies  in processes of reclaiming social interventions and interactions. Her experience of tools and practices comes from her professional engagement with the film and game industry.

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