Ian Nagoski and Harout Arakelian, USA, 2021, 49΄

22 July 2021, 23:15

Martin Nordeström St. Parking Lot (Former Athina Outdoor Cinema), Hermoupolis

Cheirographon is a moving-image work commissioned by SIFF featuring images conceived by musician and music archivist Ian Nagoski. Along with editor Harout Arakelian, Nagoski weaves together found footage images -sourcing from both archival material and feature films- to poetically explores displacement, longing and the experience of Greek migration to America in the first half of the 20th century. Nagoski’s original soundtrack mimics the archival-digging process used in the images, blending recordings from various immigrant communities made in the US during the half part of the 20th century. Excerpts of texts curated by Nagoski will be read aloud during the screening by actors and storytellers, blending archival, mash-up and performative techniques to create an invocation of movements past.

Live narration by Giorgos Kallaniotis, Panagiotis Karamolegos, Georgia Matsouka, and Loukia Palaiologou.


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