Katerina Markoulaki is a filmaker based in Athens She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and a Master’s degree in Documentary Film from Aegean University. Markoulaki’s films have garnered recognition both in Greece and internationally with screenings at several film festivals such as the Femme Fatal Film Festival, Vizantrop Engaged Ethnographic Film Festival, Film and Video Poetry Symposium, Mimesis doc Film Festival, Aegean Film Festival, GRR HAUS CINEMA, Balcan Can Kino Film Symposium, and Syros International Film Festival. One of her notable works, “Homage to Summer,” received the Best Intercultural Cinema Award at the Video Poetry Symposium in 2020, held in the United States. While freelancing in the television and film industry, Markoulaki is currently working on an observational documentary film project titled “Western States” funded & produced by Eleusina European Capital of Culture 2023 and curated by the esteemed documentarist Eva Stefani.


Within in the context of a small tribute to her work, SIFF presents her documentary We Are The Houses We Lived In (Greece, 2022, 15′).

Short synopsis: Based on Olga Vereli’s text “The Cemetary is a Forest” (2019), a trip to the village where the filmmaker’s mother grew up, becomes the backbone of an intimate film that reflects on familial bonds, personal memory, and the boundaries of gender structures. Αn excavation into stories untold, and a rite of passage to forgiveness, healing, and acceptance.