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Cinema is often lauded for its unique capacity to “hold a mirror up to reality,” helping us see the world and ourselves. This year’s festival program reflects the question: “Is it real?” The films come with diverse answers, from classic works of Direct Cinema to films that play with constructing “real” places, to the manipulations of history and memory, to live, performative intervention into the film strip/digital file itself.

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Giorgiy Daneliya’s Kin-Dza-Dza at SIFF‘s Drive-In
Giorgiy Daneliya’s Kin-Dza-Dza at SIFF‘s Drive-In

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SIFF 9: Off Season, continued

How to interpret the phrase “Off Season” when the prospect of restarting touristic activity seems distant and uncertain? What is “outside” and what is “within” an era in a period that has disturbed our perception of time itself, forced as we are to focus on the urgent circumstances of the present, on the imperative “here-and-now”?



SIFF 7: Overexposure

A creative exploration of “Overexposure” as a phenomenon that spans from the photographic film to information overload, from natural disasters to the vulnerability of the human body, and beyond.



SIFF 8: Off Season

What is “off season” when the prospect of re-starting widespread tourism seems risky and uncertain? What constitutes “off” and “high” season in a period that has disrupted our very perception of time, making us focus only on the urgent condition of the present moment (the imperative here and now)? What is the relationship between “off season” and “off -line”? SIFF calls on the restorative power of cinema to address this set of questions to its audience, inviting residents and visitors not only in a collective viewing experience, but also in a collective imaginary for the seasons to come.



SIFF 5: Cracking Up

Films about madness and insanity, films that cause their audience to laugh hysterically, films that tackle the fragmentation and disintegration of societies, films about natural and manmade catastrophes… True to the throes of a good crisis, the theme has led to ideas, films, and sub-programs that work together in synergy, reflecting and amplifying one-another’s manias in concert.



SIFF 3: Where: Cinemas of Place

What is the ‘place’ of film? SIFF 3 explored the theme “Where: Cinemas of Place,” placing this query in different sites of transmission, from church to amphitheater to naval yard, inviting us to extend this vision to other realms of cinema.



SIFF 4: Revision

Amidst a changed festival, SIFF focuses on the theme of “Revision”: the strangest of all movie qualities, the ability to evince new forms from a re-animated film strip; to see anew by looking again.