A film program curated by the Syros International Film Festival (SIFF)
every Thursday of August 2020 at 23:30 on ERT2

The Syros International Film Festival collaborates with the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) and presents a film program of four (4) weekly screenings on public television, in an effort to extend the actions of this year’s festival theme “Off Season” to a new viewing format. 

In its commitment to the development of a new kind of cinephilia in the digital age, SIFF seeks to present to a wide audience underseen films that are usually available through other distribution networks such as movie theaters and festivals, as well as exhibitions, museums, and galleries. 

Four (4) screenings, equal to the number of days of this year’s Syros International Film Festival (3–6 September 2020), eight (8) films that will have their Greek television premiere this August. Tune in every Thursday in August (6, 13, 20, 27), at 23:30 on ERT2. 

For Monitor #1, SIFF introduces itself to viewers who have not yet had the opportunity to visit any of the Festival’s events by offering a program referring to previous festival editions. The SIFF screening series on ERT2 begins with Only Men, a film by Eva Stefani, a director who participated in the Festival as Artist in Focus in 2019 and who has presented her work at the Festival numerous times, and with Fraud, a film that was screened at the Festival in 2016. This program (Monitor #1) resonates with the current conditions resultant of COVID-19 as the films capture the contradictory experiences of complete isolation and overwhelming interconnection in times of social crisis.

The Monitor #2, #3, and #4 programs include films that are presented for the first time as part of a SIFF screening. For some of the films, this screening on ERT2 is a Greek premiere. All of the films are in conversation with this year’s theme “Off Season,” together functioning as a prelude to the main Festival that will take place in early September in Syros (3–6 September). The selected films will convey the experience of movement, wandering, and transcendence; the ways in which material objects and human labor convey the spirit of “another” (or foreign) place; and the sense of being “unstuck” from time, “holiday” from everyday life.


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