Syros is the first island in the Cyclades to have obtained its own recycling unit capable of transforming plastic into re-usable, useful items. For this purpose, four specialized machines were installed by the “Precious Plastic Greece” organization during a seminar organized by the “Apano Meria of Syros – The Environmental Park” group. The initiative is supported by the Cyclades Preservation Fund, which seeks to gather and distribute resources to effective, local groups that support, protect, and work towards sustainable management of the environment.

As part of its broader effort to collaborate with institutions, festivals and events on the island, the recycling center on Syros collaborates with SIFF 2019 on the management and creative re-use of plastics. Plastic collected during the festival, and from site cleanups at the festival’s various outdoor locations, will be shredded, melted down and then molded into items which will be used by the festival in years to come.