One of the festival’s main goals is to use, transform and bring attention to the different spaces and buildings around Hermoupolis and beyond.

Many of these are tied to Syros’ unique cultural and architectural heritage. This year, SIFF partners with design students from the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering of the University of the Aegean to offer festival goers accessible and interactive ways to learn about the spaces we use for festival screenings, through both digital and physical design projects. Under the auspices of lecturer Angeliki Brisnovali’s course “Material-Techniques & Presentation Media”, SIFF made an open call for proposals, from which four group-projects were selected. These projects are now implemented in the present context of the festival and available for all to see and experience.

Drive-In Sign
Designers: Nikoleta Chrissikou, Christina Kahrimani, Fivos Petropoulos, Natalia Triandafilli

In the Poseidonia region, in a place filled with the history of the 50s and the beauty of Syros, a series of drive-in films will be shown. Inspired by the drive in cinemas we came to know in the USA of the 60s, where one could watch a movie from their car seat, the idea came about for a lit-up sign to mark the location and nature of the cinema all the way from the highway. We combined elements from the aesthet- ics of that time period – the middle of the 20th century – while aiming to familiarize today’s public with a historic area of the island outside the main town through the entertainment provided by the drive-in.